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SS304L Flat Sheet MBR
  • SS304L Flat Sheet MBR
  • SS304L Flat Sheet MBR

SS304L Flat Sheet MBR

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CNKHONG
Model Number KH-MBRP-80x120
Product Details
Water Flux:
High Light: 

SS304L Flat Sheet MBR


Flat Sheet MBR 45tons/day


60tons/day mbr membrane biological reactor

Product Description

 Flat MBR SS304 Rack Bio Reactor for Sewage Treatment with PVDF material 0.1um pore size

Flat Sheet Membrane

MBR (Membrane Bio-reactor) is a membrane separation technology with biological degradation. The membrane module can take the places of the secondary sedimentation tank, a large number of microorganisms are intercepted, which can increase quantity of micro flora, improve the sewage treatment capacity and efficiency, so that the effluent quality and volume load have been greatly improved, and the water can be used as reclaimed water.

       Immersed membrane modules are PVDF flat sheet membranes with a PET non-woven support layer. The nominal pore size is 0.1 microns with a narrow pore size distribution. membrane elements with a 0.8m2 or 1.5m2 membrane area are joined to our membrane module. These modules are composed of 50 to 600 membrane elements.

        Membrane Bio-reactor,MBR is the use of membrane separation system to replace the traditional activated sludge treatment system of the second pond, realize the solid-liquid separation of sewage treatment plant, with effluent is particularly good, cover an area of an area small, the advantages of low sludge production and operation and maintenance is simple, widely used in urban wastewater treatment, construction of sewage treatment and reuse, etc


1)Water quality is good, running stability, cover an area of an area small, easy to manage

2)Membrane bioreactor device consists of hollow fiber membrane MBR and flat membrane MBR two kinds big, flat membrane compared with hollow fiber membrane, high flux, low operation pressure, strong ability to resist pollution, long operation cycle, simple cleaning, to maintain the high flux under the condition of higher sludge concentration and stable operation.



Product Description



Membrane Bioreactor MBR sheet (pcs.)


Items Standard type Long type
Size (LxWxT) 1000×490×7 1850×510×7
Membrane effective area (m²) 0.8 1.5
Weight (kg) 3 4.5
Permeate flux [L/ (pc.d)] 320-480 600-900
Membrane material PVDF PVDF
Membrane pore size (μm) 0.1 0.1
Plate material ABS ABS
Air flow rate [L/(min.pc)] ≥ 10 ≥ 12
pH 2 ~ 13 2 ~ 13
Output turbidity (NTU) < 1.0 < 1.0
Output SS (mg/1) ≤ 1.0 ≤ 1.0
Chemical cleaning ~ 5,000mg/1 NaCIO ~ 5,000mg/1 NaCIO




Module*(All customized models are available by online inquiry)


Membrane Module

KH-MBRP80-80 KH-MBRP80-100 KH-MBRP150-120 KH-MBRP150-150
Flux(m3/d) 20-40 25-40 60-90 75-110
Number of membrane elements (pcs.) 80 100 120 150
Membrane effective area (m²) 64 80 180 225
Size (LxWxT)(mm) 1200×610×1500 1600×610×1500 1900×630×2350 2350×630×2350
Frame material SUS304
Plate material ABS


flat sheet 1










SS304L Flat Sheet MBR 4


SS304L Flat Sheet MBR 5



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