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Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR
  • Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR
  • Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR

Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CNKHONG
Model Number KH-MBRP-80x150
Product Details
Water Flux:
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Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR


900kg Flat Sheet MBR


80tons/day bioreactor sewage treatment

Product Description

 Flat MBR for Sludge Treatment with PVDF material 0.1um pore size

Flat Sheet Membrane

The flat membrane adopts permanent hydrophilic modified PVDF membrane material, and uses advanced slit coating technology. It has the unique advantages of uniform coating and uniform pore size distribution, etc. It has excellent performance in filtration flux, removal efficiency, anti-pollution ability and operation stability.


◇ It has strong hydrophilicity and still has high flux in the environment of high sludge concentration. In the treatment of municipal sewage and industrial wastewater with high activated sludge concentration, it can still maintain high flux and excellent anti-pollution performance.

◇ The flat membrane uses ABS resin as the base material of the support plate and optimizes the adhesion process, so that it has high durability and strong adhesion, and can still be used under harsh environmental conditions.


MBR can be operated under high MLSS concentration (8000~12000mg/L), which can improve the quality of treated water and can reduce COD concentration. High-concentration activated sludge can partially decompose high-molecular-weight substances (humus, etc.). The quality of treated water can reach the quality of reclaimed water. It is suitable for reuse in reclaimed water.


2. Description of CNKHONG Flat Sheet MBR Modules


CNKHONG Submerged Flat Sheet Membrane module configuration comprises an element block and an aeration block. The element block contains a number of membrane elements stacked at equal intervals, each of which has flat sheet membranes attached on both sides of a supporting panel. Each element is connected via a tube to a permeated water manifold. The aeration block consists of air diffusers used to supply air.



2.1 Module Features


Guaranteed high water permeability and high effluent quality


  • Many 0.08 micron pores on the membrane surface effectively eliminate 0.1 micron+ particles to improve effluent quality.
  • Uniform pore size results in consistently high permeability with minimal pore clogging.


Unique membrane structure

Numerous small-diameter pores are distributed evenly throughout the membrane surface with a narrow diameter distribution. This structure ensures higher treated water quality and minimizes membrane fouling and pore clogging for consistently high water permeability.


Better membrane materials

Using PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) for the functional layer of the membrane and PET (polyester) non-woven fabric as the base layer allows the membrane to exhibit superior physical strength and chemical stability.



Flat sheet type membrane with modified surface nature

The membrane has a simple flat sheet configuration. This configuration and the modified membrane surface nature allow very effective cleaning by a stream of water generated upward as scouring air is diffused below it. This mechanism provides extremely stable filtration as the membrane does not allow sludge to adhere to its surface.


Product Description



Membrane Bioreactor MBR sheet (pcs.)


Items Standard type Long type
Size (LxWxT) 1000×490×7 1850×510×7
Membrane effective area (m²) 0.8 1.5
Weight (kg) 3 4.5
Permeate flux [L/ (pc.d)] 320-480 600-900
Membrane material PVDF PVDF
Membrane pore size (μm) 0.1 0.1
Plate material ABS ABS
Air flow rate [L/(min.pc)] ≥ 10 ≥ 12
pH 2 ~ 13 2 ~ 13
Output turbidity (NTU) < 1.0 < 1.0
Output SS (mg/1) ≤ 1.0 ≤ 1.0
Chemical cleaning ~ 5,000mg/1 NaCIO ~ 5,000mg/1 NaCIO




Module*(All customized models are available by online inquiry)


Models KH-MBRMDP150×150 KH-MBRMDP150×160 KH-MBRMDP150×180 KH-MBRMDP150×200
Treating Capacity 72-90 (m3/d) 72-96 (m3/d) 84-108 (m3/d) 96-120 (m3/d)
Quantity of membrane modules (pcs.) 150 160 180 200
Effective Membrane area 225 m² 240 m² 270 m² 300 m²
Size (LxWxH)(mm) 2378×610×2300 2526×610×2300 2823×610×2300 3120×610×2300
Frame material SUS304 SUS304 SUS304 SUS304


Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR 1

Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR 2





Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR 3


Sludge Treatment Flat Sheet MBR 4


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