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120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For For Sewage Treatment Plant
  • 120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For  For  Sewage Treatment Plant
  • 120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For  For  Sewage Treatment Plant

120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For For Sewage Treatment Plant

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CNKHONG
Model Number KH-MBR-48
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Size Of Tank:
Air Blower:
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Back-washing Pump:
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Sewage Treatment Plant MBR Equipment


120M3 per day MBR Equipment


120M3/daymbr system wastewater treatment

Product Description

Integrated MBR Equipment For For Sewage Treatment Plant


Package MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

MBR Introduction

Membrane bio-reactor is a kind of new type sewage treatment technique which combine high efficient membrane separation technique and activated sludge manner, it inherit membrane separation technique and biochemical treatment technique feature and intensify biochemical treatment effect, it can used in high organic content municipal or industrial sewage treatment.

Membrane module description

MBR system use hollow fiber membrane to make solid-liquid separation. The NL series immersed hollow fiber membrane is special developed membrane module. It has higher filtering efficiency, it can effective remove bacteria,suspended particles and impurity, thus get the superior filtering water. In additional, due to each unit membrane module filtering area big, small membrane installation occupy volume, decrease reactor volume and occupy area.


MBR membrane parameter:

Membrane Area 6 m2 10 m2 15 m2
Height 1050 mm 1550 mm 1800 mm
Width 655 mm 655 mm 655 mm
Thickness 47 mm 47 mm 47 mm
Weight 6 kg 10 kg 15 kg
Membrane Material PVDF/Supported PET tube PVDF/Supported PET tube PVDF/Supported PET tube
Micropore Size 0.2μm 0.2μm 0.2μm
Inner diameter Φ1.0 mm Φ1.0 mm Φ1.0 mm
Outside Diameter Φ2.4 mm Φ2.4 mm Φ2.4 mm
SS of the filtrated water ≤ 1 mg/L ≤ 1 mg/L ≤ 1 mg/L
Temperature 5-40℃ 5-40℃ 5-40℃
PH 2-13 2-13 2-13
Flux rate for MBR system 15 -22 L/m2/h 15 -22 L/m2/h 15 -22 L/m2/h
Operating Pressure -0.01 - -0.08MPa -0.01 - -0.08MPa -0.01 - -0.08MPa
Operating Condition Working 8 mins, then relaying 2 mins. Working 8 mins, then relaying 2 mins. Working 8 mins, then relaying 2 mins.


120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For  For  Sewage Treatment Plant 0

120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For  For  Sewage Treatment Plant 1


2.2.2Application scope:
■Hotel,restaurant,community etc domestic sewage treatment recycle
■Industrial and mining enterprises,remote village,sentry ,tourist area etc domestic sewage recycle.
■Each kind of industrial sewage (similar to domestic sewage) :such as hospital sewage,pharmaceutical sewage ,washing sewage,food sewage etc

2.3 Influent and effluent water quality

( domestic sewage, refer to similar practice and client supplied data)

Influent flow rate:120m3/d,design 6m3/h, 20 hours in operation



Influent water quality



Effluent water quality


BOD5(mg/L) 300   ≤10
CODcr(mg/L) 450   ≤30
SS(mg/L) 250   ≤5
PH 6.5-8.5   6-8
NH4+ 23   0.5mg/l
phosphates 4.29   0.25
Oil grease 50   5


2.4 Feature:
◆ This system with containerized package function: make the anoxia tank,MBR bio-reaction tank,sludge tank,cleaning water tank and operation room integrated into a big tank body, compact structure, process concise, small occupy area ( only traditional process 1/3-1/2) ,increment expansion convenient, high automatic degree, operating maintenance conciseness, it can move at anytime and anywhere, it can move to treatment goal location, direct large-scale to make proceed treatment, no need make twice construction.
◆ Gather sewage treatment and water purification process into one system, it shallow buried underground or ground; the treatment basic no sludge generate, hasn’t influence to surrounding; better operation effect,high reliability,effluent water quality steady,little operation cost.
◆ In treating municipal sewage, impact resistance,high remove efficiency to pollutant, strong nitration ability, it can make nitration,denitrification, both nitrogen and phosphorus removal function, suitable for treat municipal sewage,distributed sewage, the effluent can be reuse or can be discharge after reach standard, it can meet different users of different water quality.
◆ cleaning disinfection tank equip with packing which made of new type environmental protection active ion material, it has disinfection function and can effective remove the heavy metal ion in water, it can overcome medication washing disinfect caused secondary pollution and reduce the heavy metal content in effluent, greatly improve the recycle water quality.
◆ The aeration pipeline of membrane bio-reactor divide two parts, 1 part is make aeration to surrounding activated sludge , another part is make aeration to membrane module.

Its advantage is to make the membrane module mutual flap by aeration membrane module produce scour force, thus it can shake off the calcified sludge adsorb in the membrane fenestra surface, make the membrane flux greatly extend the membrane service life, thus reduce operation cost.

2.5 MBR treatment process:

120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For  For  Sewage Treatment Plant 2



Detailed process:

the sewage from sewage pipe network first by grease trap and thin screen etc, to remove part of the oil grease and suspended solids etc matter; then enter into equalize tank, due to the sewage flow rate is different in day time and night each moment, we need set equalize tank to balance water quality and water amount, to make sewage homogeneous enter into following package sewage treatment plant; there are set pre-aeration pipeline and sewage pump in equalize tank bottom, to prevent sewage solids sediment in equalize tank; first sewage was pump into anoxic tank to make biological treatment,its main function is use easy degradative BOD5 as carbon source to remove organism and release large phosphat; the effluent water enter into anoxia tank, it can rely the high concentration organism in sewage to finish denitrification ,to realize remove nitrogenous function; the effluent water enter into oxidation tank, to further remove organism and reduce ammonia nitrogen phosphorus etc;the microorganism in oxidation condition to remove the organic pollutant ,meanwhile to make ammonia nitrogen convert into nitrate nitrogen , then by mixing liquid backflow to anoxia tank to make nitrate nitrogen convert to nitrogen,thus to realize biology denitrify purpose; another side, in oxidation zone,the phosphorus accumulating bacteria use stored organism to make energy metabolism,which use for cell outside phosphatic excess absorb, inside cell change into phosphorus accumulating; use activated sludge excess phosphorus absorb characteristic, the efflent water phosphorus concentration obvious reduced,;

the effluent water enter into oxidation tank, after make one grade oxidation biologicla treatment,enter into MBR tank, there are set hollow fiber membrane,

The microorganisms in MBR reaction tank can make the biochemical pollutant assimilation and dissimilation, the most dissimilation output is harmless CO2 and H2O, and assimilate into microbial composition of the material. The membrane unit mainly used to make solid liquid separation, the microorganism solids can effective hold back in reactor, to guarantee the effluent water quality stability; par of sludge in MBR tank discharge into sludge tank, another parts backflow to anoxia tank; the MBR reaction tank effluent water will pump into cleaning water after disinfection by uv-sterilizer, which can reuse in irrigation or washing tiolet etc.



Detailed equipments configuration:







These civil construction parts need client prepare it according to our drawing.

1 Grease trap 1.0x1.0x1.0m 1 seat

Reinforced concrete


2 Screen channel 1.0x1.0x1.0m 1 seat



4.0x3.0x3.5m 1 seat
  4 sludge tank 2.0x2.0x2.0m 1 seat  


The following equipments belong to Qingdaoyimei supply scope:

1. manual screen 1000x1000mm 1 pc ss304
2. sewage lifting pump 40WQ8-15-1.1 2pcs CNP
3.Liquid level gauge   3pcs  
4.Packaged MBR treatment plant

carbon steel lining epoxy zinc-rich

anti-corrosion painting

Anoxia tank Tank body size 4.0x2.2x2.5m 1 set Carbon steel
Biological padding   12m3  
Submersible mixer 1.5kw 1 set  
Mixed liquid backflow pump 40WQ10-15-1.1 1pc  
Aerobic tank Tank body size 7.5x2.2x2.5m 1 set Carbon steel
Air diffuser Ф216mm 45pcs ABS+EPDM

Biological padding

and supporting

  24.7m3 PP
Aeration pipeline DN50 1 batch ABS
MBR tank Tank size 3.0x2.2x2.2m 1 set Carbon steel
MBR membrane module MBR-10-CO-PVDF,membrane area:10m2. 40pcs 400m2
Membrane bracket 1.7x0.75x1.8m 2sets SS304
Suction pump 40ZX6.3-20, 6m3/h, 1.5kw 2pcs  
Backwashing pump CDMF15,10m3/h 2pcs  

Mixed liquid

backflow pump

50WQ20--15-2.2kw 1pc  
Membrane washing Chemical dosing system   2 sets  
Cleaning water tank 0.7x0.7x2.2m 1 set Carbon steel
Operation room size 2.0x2.2x2.2m 1 set  
Air blower HDSR65,2.2kw,29.4Kpa 2pcs  
Electrical control cabinet PLC 1 set  
  UV-sterilizer 10m3/h 1 set  
  Pipeline,valves   several  
  Cable,wire   several  
  other accessories   several  
  Ladder and platform   1 set mobile






Refering pictures:

120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For  For  Sewage Treatment Plant 3

120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For  For  Sewage Treatment Plant 4

120M3/Day Integrated MBR Equipment For  For  Sewage Treatment Plant 5  





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