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0.2mm Thickness MBR Membrane Separator Bacteria ≤0.2CFU/ml Hollow Fiber Structure
  • 0.2mm Thickness MBR Membrane Separator Bacteria ≤0.2CFU/ml Hollow Fiber Structure
  • 0.2mm Thickness MBR Membrane Separator Bacteria ≤0.2CFU/ml Hollow Fiber Structure

0.2mm Thickness MBR Membrane Separator Bacteria ≤0.2CFU/ml Hollow Fiber Structure

Place of Origin 1
Brand Name 1
Model Number 1
Product Details
Organic Matter:
Operating Temperature:
Pore Size:
PH Range:
Product Description

Product Description:

MBR Filter Membrane is an advanced water purification system that is specially designed for effective filtration and separation. It is made of a hollow fiber membrane structure with a thickness of 0.2mm, and can effectively filter out viruses with removal rate of ≤2log. With a flux of 20-30L/m2/h, it is suitable for a wide range of applications with a pH range of 2-12. It is an ideal choice for many MBR filtration and water purification systems.

MBR Filter Membrane is well-known for its high efficiency and reliability in terms of water filtration and separation. It is widely used in many industrial and commercial applications, especially in the MBR filtration and water purification systems. It is highly effective in removing viruses, bacteria, colloids, macromolecules, and other suspended solids. With its unique hollow fiber membrane structure, it is able to provide excellent filtration and separation performance.

The MBR Filter Membrane is also easy to use and maintain. It is designed for long-term use and can be used for a wide range of applications. It is also easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. With its high efficiency and reliability, it is an ideal choice for many MBR filtration and water purification systems.



  • MBR Filtration System: MBR Filter Membrane
  • Bacteria: ≤0.2CFU/ml
  • Virus: ≤2log
  • MBR Membrane Separator: Hollow Fiber
  • MBR Water Filtration: Operating Temperature 25-80℃
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years

Technical Parameters:

Product Attribute Technical Parameters
Organic Matter ≤0.1ppm
Material Polyethersulfone
Pore Size 0.1μm
Virus ≤2log
Operating Temperature 25-80℃
PH Range 2-12
Turbidity ≤0.1NTU
Thickness 0.2mm
Bacteria ≤0.2CFU/ml
Shelf Life 2 Years


MBR Filter Membrane has become the leading solution for water filtration in many industries. It is a highly efficient filtration system that provides superior performance for a wide range of applications. The brand name of this MBR filter membrane is 1, with a model number of 1. It is made of polyethersulfone and has a thickness of 0.2mm. The operating temperature ranges from 25-80℃ and its SDI value is ≤3. This membrane has a surface area of 1.2m2/m2, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

This MBR filter membrane offers high efficiency filtration and can be used in a variety of applications including water purification, wastewater treatment, and desalination. It is ideal for use with MBR water filtration systems, MBR filtration devices, and other MBR filtration systems. It is also suitable for use in a variety of industrial water treatment processes, including power plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants. It is highly resistant to chemicals, and its long life and high performance make it a cost-effective solution for water filtration.

The MBR filter membrane is easy to install and maintain, and its superior performance makes it a reliable choice for many industries. It is capable of removing particles as small as 0.2 microns, and its high flow rate ensures that it can handle large volumes of water. This makes it a great choice for industrial applications, as well as municipal and residential water filtration systems. Its polyethersulfone construction makes it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for many filtration projects.

MBR filter membrane is the perfect choice for many water filtration needs. With its superior performance, high flow rate, and long life, it is an ideal solution for any filtration project. It is also a great choice for industrial applications that require a reliable and cost-effective solution for water filtration.



MBR Filter Membrane - Customized Service

We specialize in offering customized services for MBR Water Purification, MBR Membrane Separator, and MBR Water Filtration with the following attributes:

  • Brand Name: 1
  • Model Number: 1
  • Place of Origin: 1
  • Pore Size: 0.1μm
  • Membrane Structure: Hollow Fiber
  • SDI: ≤3
  • Bacteria: ≤0.2CFU/ml
  • Organic Matter: ≤0.1ppm

If you need any customized services for MBR Filter Membrane, please contact us today!


Support and Services:

MBR Filter Membrane provides technical support and services to ensure that our customers have the best experience with our product.

We provide:

  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Product maintenance and repairs
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • User manuals and tutorials
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Technical assistance for installation, configuration and troubleshooting

Packing and Shipping:

The MBR Filter Membrane is packaged in a strong cardboard box, with bubble wrap to ensure that the product is securely and safely delivered to its destination.

The box is then sealed with a tape bearing the words “MBR Filter Membrane” to make sure the product remains identifiable during transit. The box is then placed inside a larger cardboard box for added protection during shipping. The larger box is also sealed with a tape bearing the words “MBR Filter Membrane”, and labeled with the address of the recipient.

The MBR Filter Membrane is shipped via a reliable courier service and is tracked until it reaches its destination.



Q1. What is MBR Filter Membrane?
A1. MBR Filter Membrane is a membrane bioreactor (MBR) filtration system made by the brand 1, with model number 1 and origin from 1. This product is designed to remove suspended solids and organic matter from wastewater and to help recycle the treated water for reuse. Q2. What are the benefits of using MBR Filter Membrane?
A2. MBR Filter Membrane provides several benefits, including improved water quality, increased efficiency, lower operating costs, and reduced environmental impact. Q3. What types of wastewater can MBR Filter Membrane handle?
A3. MBR Filter Membrane can handle a wide variety of wastewater, including domestic, industrial, and agricultural wastewater. Q4. How does MBR Filter Membrane work?
A4. MBR Filter Membrane works by using a combination of physical filtration and biological treatment processes. The physical filtration removes suspended solids and organic matter, while the biological treatment breaks down organic matter into harmless byproducts. Q5. How often should MBR Filter Membrane be serviced?
A5. MBR Filter Membrane should be serviced at least once a year to ensure optimal performance. It is also important to keep the system clean and free of debris to ensure proper operation.

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