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PH Range 2-8 Membrane Bioreactor Filter with SDI ≤1 for Wastewater Treatment
  • PH Range 2-8 Membrane Bioreactor Filter with SDI ≤1 for Wastewater Treatment
  • PH Range 2-8 Membrane Bioreactor Filter with SDI ≤1 for Wastewater Treatment

PH Range 2-8 Membrane Bioreactor Filter with SDI ≤1 for Wastewater Treatment

Place of Origin 1
Brand Name 1
Model Number 1
Product Details
Organic Matter:
Operating Temperature:
Pore Size:
Product Description

Product Description:

MBR Filter Membrane is a membrane bioreactor filter, also known as a membrane separator. It is made of Polyethersulfone, a kind of membrane material with strong resistance to chemicals. It has excellent filtration efficiency, with its pore size being 0.1μm, it can effectively filter out viruses with a rate of ≤2log and bacteria with a rate of ≤0.2CFU/ml. Moreover, its operating temperature range is from 25-80℃, so it can be used in a wide range of applications. With the help of MBR Filter Membrane, it can provide more efficient, economical and eco-friendly wastewater treatment solutions.



  • MBR Filter Membrane Separator for water purification, suitable for MBR Water Purification System
  • Operating Temperature: 25-80℃
  • Material: Polyethersulfone
  • SDI: ≤3
  • Flux: 20-30L/m2/h
  • Organic Matter: ≤0.1ppm

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Bacteria ≤0.2CFU/ml
PH Range 2-12
Material Polyethersulfone
Operating Temperature 25-80℃
Turbidity ≤0.1NTU
SDI ≤3
Flux 20-30L/m2/h
Product Name MBR Filter Membrane
Thickness 0.2mm
Pore Size 0.1μm


MBR Filter Membrane is a kind of membrane separator which is produced by the brand 1 with the model number 1 and origin from 1. The membrane separator can reduce the organic matter in the water efficiently, with the organic matter reduction up to ≤0.1ppm. The surface area of the membrane separator is 1.2m2/m2, and the membrane structure is hollow fiber. The pH range of the membrane separator is 2-12, and the turbidity is ≤0.1NTU. The MBR Filter Membrane is an ideal choice for Membrane Bioreactor Filter to reduce organic matter and to achieve the best water quality.



MBR Filter Membrane for Water Purification

This MBR Filtration Device is designed for water purification, with a brand name of 1, model number of 1, and place of origin of 1. It has an operating temperature range of 25-80℃, pore size of 0.1μm, SDI of ≤3, turbidity of ≤0.1NTU, and a PH range of 2-12. It provides efficient and reliable MBR filtration for water purification, making it the perfect choice for any water purification needs.


Support and Services:

MBR Filter Membrane provides comprehensive technical support and service to ensure that customers get the most out of their product. Our technical support and service includes:

  • 24/7 customer service via phone, email, or online chat
  • Free technical advice and assistance
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Software and firmware updates
  • Hardware repairs and replacements
  • Access to user forums and FAQs

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for MBR Filter Membrane:

  • MBR Filter Membrane will be packed in corrugated boxes or wooden cases.
  • The box will be marked with the product name, product size, quantity, etc.
  • The packaging will be in accordance with the safety and transportation requirements.
  • The shipment will be done by sea, air or express delivery.


Q1: What is MBR Filter Membrane?

A1: MBR Filter Membrane is a product of the 1 brand, with model number 1, and origin from 1.

Q2: What material does MBR Filter Membrane use?

A2: MBR Filter Membrane is made of high quality durable materials.

Q3: What is the size of MBR Filter Membrane?

A3: MBR Filter Membrane can be customized in different sizes depending on your needs.

Q4: What is the application of MBR Filter Membrane?

A4: MBR Filter Membrane is mainly used for filtration, separation, and purification in the water treatment industry.

Q5: What is the advantage of MBR Filter Membrane?

A5: MBR Filter Membrane has large filtration area, high filtration accuracy, low energy consumption, and long service life.

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